Any tips for completing a proper install?

Installation is straightforward and requires no special skills other than your existing expertise with HVAC systems and basic wiring. Consider the following tips for a smooth, trouble-free installation:

  • Tip #1: When installing the HSRS wireless system, be careful to avoid attaching the external antenna (or mounting bracket) to any grounded object such as the HVAC equipment chassis. (You should also avoid securing the bracket to a metal wall stud.)
  • Tip #2: Prior to permanently mounting wireless door/window sensors, first complete the registration (i.e., pairing) procedure, keeping the sensors close-at-hand for convenience. Following registration, test to ensure the controller unit recognizes door sensor activity. Once you are satisfied the system is behaving properly, mount the sensors as desired.

Will it harm my A/C compressor?

Absolutely not. First, consider that modern HVAC systems are equipped with built-in delay mechanisms to ensure that refrigerant pressures have equalized before allowing the compressor to start. Second, our HSRS controller features its own configurable re-activation delay that prevents the HVAC system from restarting until the desired time elapse. Though this feature is completely optional for most installations, we find that some customers prefer to deploy it for added peace of mind.