The USB Motion Detector System (UMDS) is a plug-n-play sensor device for your Windows PC or laptop. When coupled with our USB Kiosk Manager software (included), you have the basis for a powerful motion-based application. 


Invoke one or more configurable event notifications when a motion “trigger” occurs. In response to detected movement, you can play a sound file, send an e-mail message, invoke an application (.exe), set a digital output, and more. The UMDS is ideal for security systems, industrial control, robotics, multimedia kiosks, and more.



  • Plug-n-play setup for easy installation
  • Configurable for your specific application)
  • Includes detector module plus Windows software
  • Powered by the computer; needs no ac adapter
  • Compatible with Windows PCs and laptops


What’s Included:

  • Motion detector with 6-foot USB cable
  • USB Kiosk Manager software


  • Powered by your computer via USB cable; requires no external power source.


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Weight 1 lbs