The Magstripe Card Access System for USB (MCAS USB) is a plug-and-play solution that is the basis for any number of applications including card logging, door/gate access, and more. Installing in just a matter of minutes, it is the ideal implementation for anyone who requires simple, low-cost card access.


The card reader accepts a standard encoded magnetic stripe card. Examples include driver licenses, credit cards, gift cards, hotel room cards, and more. Custom encoded cards may also be used. MCAS-USB is simple to install and requires no complicated wiring or setup operations. It is ideal for use in the following applications:



  • Plug-n-play installation – no complicated setup
  • Includes card reader and MCAS-USB host software
  • Accepts standard track-2 encoded magstripe cards
  • Optional relay interface device for door/gate access
  • May also be used for card logging applications
  • Windows host software for card maintenance, logging, etc.



What’s Included:

  • Magstripe USB card-reader
  • USB relay interface (for door/gate/machine activation)
  • MCAS host software for Windows PCs    



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Weight 1 lbs
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Premium, Standard