Who we are...
Kadtronix provides electronic control systems and software design services to businesses, OEMs, and manufacturers around the world. Our solutions include microcontroller-based systems, realtime software, graphical user interfaces and embedded firmware. 

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What we do...
We offer complete consulting and design services with experience in firmware/software development,  systems design and prototyping. Kadtronix utilizes the services of Delahoussaye Consulting. With extensive experience in software, hardware, and systems, we can develop your idea from concept to completion.

Since our inception in 2001, Kadtronix has provided products and services to business and industry around the world. Specializing in embedded firmware and PC applications, we have experience in a number of areas including access control, keyless lockers / mailboxes, software applications, tanning systems, industrial automation, X10 powerline control, data acquisition, remote terminals, Wi-Fi control, robotics, and more. Put our expertise to work for you - whether your need is large or small, we can help. 

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Our clients...
Our customers include companies of all types and sizes, ranging from small start-ups to large corporations. For client listings and customer feedback, choose a link below:
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We have experience in applications ranging from robotic systems  to card access control. Here's a  sampling of our portfolio:

WorkCam Mobile Robot Magstripe Card Access                
Keyless Mailbox System USB Security System
Wi-Fi Occupancy Network HVAC Occupancy Switch
Time & Attendance X10 Automation
Ethernet Remote Terminal Remote Digital Camera
Wireless Sensor Network Mini-Actuator

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