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Heavy-Duty Motorized Frame (RFR2)

This motorized frame features one-piece steel unit, two high-power 12V DC motors (also functions with 24V for greater speed and power).  Also features quad drive system that can propel the unit to speeds of 15 MPH or more. Consists of 10" puncture-proof wheels, drive belts, and pulleys. Suitable for a variety of terrains, this dynamo has strength and toughness.  The frame consists of 3/4" steel tubing with a maximum load capacity of 200 lb. 

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Motorized Frame (RFR1)

The RFR1 is similar to the RFR2 above, but uses two drive wheels.  Also has two 5" swivel idler wheels. 

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Low-Cost Motorized Frame (RFR1A)

The RFR1A is a low-cost alternative featuring dual drive motors, solid rubber wheels with plastic hub, and two 3" swivel casters.

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Workman III

The Workman III is the big brother of the original Workman robot platform.  With increased load capacity and four DC drive motors, you're 'bot will have plenty of push.  Features two metal axles and 6-piece body made of durable ABS plastic.  Includes 4 powerful drive motors, cogs, and wheels.  Ready to be customized with your choice of drive electronics and batteries (not included).  Measures 23"L x 18"W x 9"H

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Workman II

The Workman Mobile Robot Platform features 4-piece platform shell, dual drive motors, 6" rear idlers, and 8" wheels with belt-driven tractor drive.  This motorized platform is the basis for a robot, electric cart, or motorized project.  Features a single metal drive axle and 4-piece body made of durable ABS plastic.  Includes 2 powerful drive motors, cogs, and wheels.  Ready to be customized with your choice of drive electronics and batteries.  Measures 21"L x 18"W x 9"H 

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Tennis Ball Launcher

Suitable for OEMs, educators, and DIYers, this apparatus can be the basis for a tennis trainer, a projectile teaching tool,  or a cool weapon for a robot warrior.  Ejects a standard size tennis ball at speeds up to 100+ MPH.  Features dual 24-VDC drive motors, durable 8" wheels, and transparent chute with feed control mechanism for computer or R/C control.  Two design versions:  floor-mount and table-mount.

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Robot Design Manual
Servo Gripper Manual
USB Digital I/O
Robot Design Manual
Robot Servo Gripper Manual
USB Digital I/O Commander
The Robot Design Manual describes how to build a functional mobile robot complete with wireless RF control.  Includes parts lists, schematics, and Stamp object code.  The Robot Servo-Gripper Manual provides construction details for building your own servo-operated robot gripper.  Capable of grasping objects up to several pounds in weight, this powerful device can be constructed for about $30. USB Digital I/O Commander software lets you control real world events from your PC.  Configure a notification to occur based on trigger event(s).   Specify any of 5 available notifications to occur. Includes software and manual.

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Want to build your own robot platforms?

Now you can build your own mobile robot platforms / frames for profit.  Several of  Kadtronix' popular robot product designs are now available for low-cost licensing. 

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Realtime Programming
Realtime Programming

Kadtronix offers realtime programming services for a variety of applications.  With nearly 20 years experience in the realtime world, you'll get a top-quality software design that's perfectly suited for your project.  If you'd like help with your next application, drop us a note:

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Visit the Robot Gallery!

So just what exactly can you do with a mobile robot?  Our gallery can give you some good ideas.  Go ahead, take a look inside. 

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