Heavy-Duty Motorized Frames

Price $899

Want to build a mobile robot with plenty of power?  This motorized frame features one-piece steel unit, two high-power 12V DC motors (also functions with 24V for greater speed and power). 

Also features quad drive system that can propel the unit to speeds of 15 MPH or more. Consists of 10" puncture-proof wheels, drive belts, and pulleys. Suitable for a variety of terrains, this dynamo has strength and toughness. 

The frame consists of 3/4" steel tubing with a maximum load capacity of 200 lb.   Ready to be customized with your choice of battery, electronics, and accessories (not included).  Available in two styles: KD-RFR1 and KD-RFR2 (shown left).

The KD-RFR2 uses high-torque DC drive systems with dual pulleys on each motor, providing maximum power to all wheels. 

Note:  The RFR frames now use 24VDC motors.  They feature adjustable motor mounts and also run at 12VDC. 

The KD-RFR2 consists of re-designed sturdy 1-piece steel frame with attractive black finish.  Included are two metal 5/8" axles.  Mounted to the frame are two high quality DC motors. 

Featuring 3/4" steel cross-section, the frame is easily drilled to suit your needs. 

Maximum frame capacity is 200 lbs. 

(Note that while the frame may support large loads, we recommend you apply no more than 1/2 the maximum load capacity to limit stress on the drive motors.)



Price $749

The KD-RFR1 features two 10" wheels, 5/8" axle, two drive belts, 3-piece steel frame, 1" cross-section, and two 5" swivel ider wheels.

Designed with differential drive system (i.e., tank drive), this unit is capable of high speed, power and tight 360 degree spins.

Adjustable belt tension allows you to configure loose for smooth clutch-action starts, or tighter for quick and powerful starts. 

Note:  Belt tensioners replaced with adjustable motor mounts.


Price $599

Need a low-cost mobile frame alternative?  The KD-RFR1A consists of strong one-piece steel frame, 8" solid rubber wheels with plastic hub, and 3" swivel casters.  The motors are movable along the frame for easy belt tension adjustment.

Includes a single metal 1/2" axle and two  24VDC motors.  (Also runs well at 12VDC.)

Featuring 1" steel cross-section, the frame is also easily drilled to suit your needs. 


Need a motor controller suitable with the RFR1 or RFR2?   Diverse Electronic Services offers an array of products including PWM controllers with variable speeds from full stop to full forward or reverse.


  • Measures 20"L x 23"W x 11"H (KD-RFR1),   26"L x 23"W x 11"H (KD-RFR2),  18"L x 20"W x 9"H (KD-RFR1A)
  • Weighs 35 lbs (KD-RFR1);  45 lbs (KD-RFR2);  20 lbs (KD-RFR1A)
  • Steel frame, 200 lb. load capacity
  • Large 10" drive wheels, puncture-proof tires  (KD-RFR1, -RFR2);  8" solid rubber wheels (KD-RFR1A)
  • Dual 24VDC motors 
  • Includes drive belts and motor hook-up wires