Workman III
The Workman III is larger and more powerful than its little brother, ideal for larger 'bots.  Workman III features four drive wheels for better traction and increased stability.   And, wth a load capacity of 40 pounds, you can add sensors, electronics, arms, etc.   Four DC drive motors power the large 8" wheels to handle those tough terrains.   Six large compartments house the internal electronics, motors, and battery.  Made of durable ABS plastic, there's even more available surface area for mounting sensors, cameras, or actuators, Workman is suited for commercial, educational, or hobby use.  (Transmitter, receiver, battery, and internal electronics not included.)

 Workman III uses a combination of belt and cog drive systems to power each wheel.   The 12VDC motors are mounted inside the wheel compartments.

(Note:  As of 3/1/03,  Workman III replaces the nylon pulleys (shown right) with two all-metal pulleys.)

Workman II is also compatible with the MC7 motor controller.  This PWM device provides variable speeds from stop to full forward or reverse and is available at  Diverse Electronic Services.

Workman contains durable cog/gear drive systems to power each wheel.


Robot Specifications:
  • Measures 23"L x 18"W x 9"H 
  • Weighs 30 lbs.
  • Load capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Drive type: belt-driven cogs
  • Four drive motors  (12 VDC,  2.25A,  2370 RPM, 10 AWG  leads)
  • Large 8" drive wheels
  • Max wheel speed:  4 ft./sec