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    Mobile Robot Reseller  / Licensing
    Resellers and manufacturers can now build their own mobile robot platforms for profit.  Several of  Kadtronix' popular robot designs are now available for low-cost licensing.  You get construction details, templates, parts lists, suppliers, and assembly instructions, plus full color photos.  (Download a free preview here - Adobe Acrobat Reader required).  See available models and pricing options below.  Interested companies should complete the online reseller application form.  (To express our thanks, applicants will be granted access to our downloads page where you can obtain our popular software; some are absolutely free.)
    Series II
    Mobile Platform
    Series III
    Mobile Platform

    Two-Wheel Drive
    Motorized Frame
    Four-Wheel Drive
    Motorized Frame
    w/ Puncture-Proof Tires


    I'm interested in becoming a reseller.  How do I apply?
    Becoming a reseller is easy.  Just follow these easy steps:

    1)  Complete and sumbit the online reseller application form.
    2)  Await reseller approval (usually within 1 week). 
    3)  Print, complete, and fax the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    Need affordable drive electronics for your robot?  The Robot Marketplace offers an array of products including controllers,  batteries and other items.

     A signed non-disclosure agreement is required
     The RFR series products use a 12 / 24VDC motor.
    3  The license cost is a one-time fee unless additional units are needed. 
     Sorry there can be no refunds or returns on license products. 
     Read all descriptions carefully before ordering.

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