Licensing & Reseller Programs:

Welcome to Kadtronix licensing & reseller programs.   You are invited to learn how the programs work and then fill out the request form that follows. 

Program Details:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Kadtronix licensee or reseller.
These programs allow you to manufacture, sell, and distribute Kadtronix products. There are two programs available for participation: 
  • Licensing
  • Reseller
Our licensing program permits OEMs to manufacture Kadtronix products. Once approved, you will be granted access to Kadtronix intellectual property (IP) for the specific product(s) for which you have interest. (Click here for additional information on licensing.) The reseller program provides distrubution rights for pre-manufactured Kadtronix products. Qualified applicants will receive immediate discounts when purchasing from us.
Use the link below to become a Kadtronix reseller.
Reseller Application
For questions or comments, please contact us:
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