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    Technology Licensing
    Licensing for OEMs
    Are you interested in manufacturing, distributing, or reselling a product for retail or wholesale distribution?  Our licensing program allows your company to manufacture a pre-engineered product and grants you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  This approach is ideal for companies with access to manufacturing resources but who may have limited budget allocation for engineering and design.

    The concept is simple - we provide the design, you provide the manufacturing, and you reap the profits.  Most of our proprietary designs consist of a hardware PCB plus firmware and, in some cases, Windows host software.  We'll give you the resources necessary to build the PCB.  In most cases, we even supply the firmware binary image so you can progam the board units.  (Many Kadtronix designed systems require a special initialization sequence after a board unit has been programmed.  We can perform the initialization and test each of your boards or provide you the tools to do it in-house.  Both methods incur a modest fee per unit.)

    If you need hardware or software customizations, we can provide expert consulting and design assistance.  Licensing is available for most Kadtronix technologies including the following:
    • Access control
    • Smart controllers
    • USB applications
    • Time & Attendance
    • Remote Terminals
    • Robotics
    • and more!
    For more information, click here or complete the online reseller application.   (To express our thanks, applicants will be granted access to our downloads page where you can obtain our popular software; some are absolutely free.)

    Technologies Available for Licensing

    Smart Controllers
    Card Access
    Smart controllers
    Card access

    USB Applications
    Remote Terminals
    USB Applications
    Remote terminals, time & attendance, etc.

    Robot Platforms
    Custom Applications
    Robot platforms
    Custom Applications


    How does licensing work?

    Our technology licensing is really simple.  For example, Bill Owens of XYZ Manufacturing wishes to build and sell RFR mobile robot frames.  Bill completes the online licensing & reseller application form and awaits a reply from us.  Once approved, he submits a completed non-disclosure form and remits the specified licensing fee.  He receives the necessary technical details and is permitted to fabricate and sell RFR units at his discretion.  It's that easy.

    How do I apply?

    Just follow these easy steps:

    1)  Complete and sumbit the online licensing & reseller application form.
    2)  Await approval (usually within 1 week). 
    3)  Print, complete, and fax the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    4)  Receive licensed intellectual property including docs, PCB layouts, etc.


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