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    Programmable Terminal
    with RS-485 / -232 / Ethernet
    Model 6600 / 6700

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    (Shown above with optional magstripe card-reader.)

    Do you need a low-cost remote interface terminal for your application? 

    The model 6600 / 6700 programmable terminal is an operator interface device that is suitable for applications such as PIN-entry access  and industrial control.  It is perfect for OEMs and DIYers who need a low-cost, reliable interface device, ideal for school, business, or industrial use. 

    It includes self-contained LCD display, 12-key membrane keypad with relegendable bezel, and plastic enclosure.  Use in conjunction with a card-reader for access control and PIN entry.  Or, use to control operations in the plant or on the shop floor.  Need customization for a specific purpose?  We can tailor the firmware to suit your application.

    The system is comprised of of two elements: the operator interface hardware and the firmware.  The operator interface hardware consists of LCD display, keypad, & enclosure and is available directly from the supplier, ZWorld, as an unprogrammed unit.  We supply the required firmware that brings the unit to life.

    The system interfaces to your Windows PC host via one of the following possible communications protocols: 

    • RS-232
    • RS-485 multi-drop
    • Ethernet (TCP/IP)
    Multiple hardware and firmware options available.  Click here to learn more.

    • Low-cost, unprogrammed units available directly from the supplier
    • 4 x 20 LCD display
    • 12-key tactile keypad
    • RS-232 / RS-485 multi-drop
    • Ethernet option
    • 8 general-purpose I/O
    • Scratch-resistant lens
    • Battery-backed database
    • Real-time clock
    • Speaker output
    • Vacuum flourescent display option
    • Customizable firmware
    • Impact-resistant plastic enclosure
    • Optional low-profile wall-mounting
    • Size: 7" x 6" x 2" 

    This customizable device is fully programmable and is suitable for these applications and more:
    • Card-reader systems
    • Access control
    • PIN entry
    • Time & attendance
    • Data acquisition

    • Industrial control 
    Here are a few Kadtronix applications.  Click the item for more information:
  • Magstripe Card Access System (MCAS)
  • Employee Time & Attendance (ETAS)
  • Remote Terminal


    Firmware Options
    Choose one of the following options for programming the terminal unit or suggest your own custom application:
    Magstripe Card Access Firmware Magnetic stripe card access system featuring 1000 user local database and PIN number validation.  Windows host control software also available.  (Card reader sold separately.)
    Employee Time & Attendance Firmware Time and attendance tracking and reporting.  Features selectable RS-485/-232 and Ethernet (TCP/IP) communication.  Also has 250 employee local database with storage for card IDs and PIN numbers.  Compatible with magstripe, proximity, and barcode readers.
    Remote Terminal Remote terminal communicates ASCII data with host PC via Ethernet, RS-485, or RS-232.  May be used with a magstripe or RFID proximity card-reader.  Card-data and/or keypresses are automatically transmitted to any host PC or computer device capable of communicating ASCII data.  Data recevied from the host is displayed on the LCD.
    Custom application Do you have a unique application or feature in mind?  We can help.  Firmware modifications can be made to customize the product to your requirements. Contact us with your specific request.


    You can purchase new, unprogrammed units directly from the supplier.  For a nominal charge, we'll program the firmware, test each unit, and ship to you, ready for use in your application.   We can also provide host software for communication and control via a Windows PC.

    The table below lists hardware options and pricing available from the supplier.  (Prices subject to change without notice.)

    Hardware Option
    RS-232 / RS-485
    RS-232 / RS-485 / Ethernet
    RS-232 / RS-485 w/ Vacuum Flourescent Display
    RS-232 / RS-485 / Ethernet w/ Vacuum Flourescent Display

    * - Firmware programming fee not included.



    Shown above in its panel-mount configuration, the 6700 can also be wall-mounted in a low-profile configuration as shown below. 

    Click for larger view

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