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Automation Using X10
Powerline Technology

Monitoring and Control Demonstration
by K. Delahoussaye

  • Description

  • The X-10 demonstration shows how to control and monitor devices in the home, office, or industry with powerline technology.  Using compatible modules, you can turn on lights, appliances, and other devices by sending X-10 signals.  Best of all, no additional wiring is required.  X-10 uses your existing A/C building wiring. 

    X10 is an industry standard for communication among devices used for building automation. It primarily uses power line wiring for signalling and control, where the signals involve short radio frequency bursts representing digital information.  For more information about X-10 technology, click here.

    The application software performs two main functions as illustrated in the screen capture above: transmit and receive.  In the transmit section, you specify the address of the X-10 module associated with the device you want to control.  Then, specify the function you want to perform.  By using the appropriate X-10 module(s), you can control just about anything.  For instance, use a lamp module to programmatically turn on an interior light or an appliance module to start the coffee maker.

    The receive section displays received X-10 commands initiated by other transmitters such as a motion detectors and control units.  Use the optional "Alert:" feature to configure a .wav file to play when the specified X10 message is detected.

    In addition, the application performs optional logging to a file.  Received command data are formatted and stored to a text file for later viewing.  To activate logging, simply click the "Log to file" check box located near the bottom left segment of the main display.  Each stored record contains the timestamp, module address, and function of the received transaction as shown below:

     09/17/2005  07:43:32   Addr. = A3,  Function = On 
     09/17/2005  07:44:33   Addr. = A3,  Function = Off 
    The application is provided free of charge. The demo consists of the following software: 
  • Custom host application
  • USB communication library DLL (unregistered shareware) 
  • No additional software or drivers are needed.  Also required, but not included, is a 1132 PowerLinc USB Computer Interface.  This device allows your computer to send and receive X-10 signals.  SmartHome provides a wide array of compatible X-10 hardware at low prices:
  • Controllers
  • Motion detectors
  • Plug-in modules
  • Receptacles
  • Relays
  • RF Receivers
  • Timers
  • Wall switches
  • Whether in the home, office, or industry, X-10 is well-suited for a number of applications:
  • Automation
  • Process control
  • Security 
  • Research 
  • Robotics
  • Education 
  • Motion Detection
  • Industrial Control

  • System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/2000/XP
  • Pentium CPU
  • 1 MB RAM
  • 1 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • VGA Monitor
  • 1132 PowerLinc USB Computer Interface
  • USB Port 
  • X10 devices (e.g., motion sensors, appliance modules, etc.)

  • Download

  • The X-10 powerline application is provided free of charge and demonstrates how to perform X10 command and control using your PC.  The application uses a communication DLL known as UsbHidApi which provides USB communication methods. A shareware version of this DLL is provided with the demo and may be used for a period of 14 days without registration. 

    Download  X10  Demo


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  • UsbHidApi  Dynamic Link Library  (DLL)

  • You may register the software at any time during the trial period.  To purchase a registered copy of the DLL, use the following link: UsbHidApi  DLL.

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