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Delahoussaye Consulting was founded in 2001 by Ken Delahoussaye to provide products and services which include embedded firmware, application software and microcontroller-based devices. Since our inception, we have developed solutions for businesses and OEMs around the world, specializing in realtime systems and embedded control. We also provide graphical user interfaces and a myriad of Windows software applications. Your satisfaction is our end goal and we strive to ensure that every solution meets your strict requirements.

We have experience in applications ranging from keyless access to robotics.  Here's a small sampling of our portfolio:

Magstripe Card Access
HVAC Smart Relay Switch

Keyless Mailbox System
WorkCam Mobile Robot
Wi-Fi Occupancy Network
Occupancy Switch  

Time & Attendance
X10 Automation

Ethernet Remote Terminal
Remote Digital Camera

USB Automation

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What are your requirements?

Not sure what hardware is right for your application?  Sometimes a PC is all the hardware you’ll need. But many times a dedicated embedded controller is required. For instance, a data-logging application that reads a temperature sensor at 5-minute intervals won’t require a great deal of CPU processing power. Assuming the sensor has a standard interface such as RS-232 or USB, a personal computer and appropriate software should handle the job with ease. 

But suppose your application is a 3-axis computer-controlled CNC milling machine complete with stepper motors, encoders, and limit sensors. The processor now has a detailed set of activities to perform - all in realtime. This type of application calls for a more specialized solution, typically consisting of one or more microcontroller based single-board controllers, all under the supervision of a host PC.

The following designs were developed by Kadtronix and are listed as examples of our work:

Design Example #1

The Smart Actuator System consists of electronic controller and servo actuator.  The system provides controlled rotation to a requested position: 0 to 180 degrees.  The actuator requires a special pulse width modulated (PWM) control signal to operate.  Kadtronix designed an electronic controller that automatically generates these signals. Measuring only 2.5" x 3.75", the controller accepts an activation trigger that commands the actuator to a pre-determined rotational position. The trigger may be a simple switch closure or TTL signal.


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Design Example #2

The General Purpose Smart Relay Switch (GPSRS) is a programmable relay device that was designed to provide automatic control. Programmed with onboard DIP switches, the unit can be configured to activate or de-activate an external device or machine when a state change trigger occurs on one of the four wired inputs. The GPSRS also accepts an optional RF receiver for use with compatible door/window transmitters.


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