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    General Purpose Relay Switch

    Remotely activate external devices & equipment
    Easily configured using onboard settings switches

     General Purpose Relay Switch

    Accepts 4 wired normally-open or normally-closed switch inputs
      Optional wireless RF option accepts 8 transmitter / sensors


    The General Purpose Smart Relay Switch (GPSRS) is a programmable relay device that provides automatic control for a myriad of applications.  Compatible with reed switches, toggles, pushbuttons, etc., the GPRS can accept any switch or sensor device having normally open or normally closed contacts.  Programmed with onboard DIP switches, the unit can be configured to activate or de-activate an external device or machine when a state change trigger occurs on one of the inputs.  The device can be returned to its normal operating condition when the switch sensor returns to the pre-triggered state and/or a delay period has elapsed.  DIP switches allow you to configure operational mode and delay parameters.

    The GPSRS provides connections for 4 wired inputs.  Each input can accept a single switch sensor or can be wired in a zone configuration with multiple switch sensors in series or parallel.  Typical switch sensors include reed switches, pushbuttons, toggle switches, and similar devices.  (Note that the GPSRS can be configured to accept either normally-open or normally-closed switches.)  Wired inputs are also compatible with TTL signals.  (Note: Wired sensor cabling should be limited to 100 ft. max. at each input.  Twisted-pair shielded cables recommended.) 

    And, with an optional RF receiver, the GPSRS also accepts input from compatible wireless door/window sensors, motion detectors, and key fob transmitters.  The wireless option provides inputs for up to 10 additional devices.  Even deploy a combination of both wired and wireless sensors.


    Accepts normally-open or normally-closed switch inputs
    Fully programmable via DIP switch settings
    Configurable parameters including trigger polarity, LED mode, buzzer enable, etc.
    Selectable delay options ranging from 0 to 10 hours
    Five status LEDs: system status plus switch sensor indicators
    Onboard relay: 10A @ 250VAC,  5A @ 100VDC
    Accepts inputs for monitoring up to 4 wired zones
    Compatible with mechanical switches including reed, toggle, pushbutton, etc.
    Also accepts TTL signals (active-low) in lieu of mechanical switches
    Configurable re-activate (relay on) and de-activate (relay off) delay periods
    Optional wireless RF receiver for 8 wireless sensors, motion sensors, or fobs
    Available modes for occupancy / vacancy detection (requires motion sensors)
    DB9 connector for attaching wireless RF receiver
    DIP switches for mode selection & configuring operational parameters
    Selectable re-activate / de-activate time delays
    Terminal block connector for user wiring
    Onboard tactile switches provide relay test and processor reset functions
    Compact size (measures 2.5" x 3.75")
    Powered AC adapter (included) or external 12VDC supply
    Optional external power converter module accepts 24VAC for use with HVAC systems

    Applications Venues

    • Occupancy
    • Kiosks
    • Automation
    • Security systems
    • Pumping stations
    • Access control
    • HVAC systems
    • Keyless remote entry

    • Airports
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals
    • Apartments
    • Condominiums
    • Office complexes
    • Industrial areas

    Wireless RF Option

    For installations where traditional wire runs are not possible or be inconvenient, we offer a wireless RF receiver add-on.  The receiver includes antenna and compatible interface for direct connection to the GPRS device for plug-and-play operation.  Compatible wireless peripherals include door / window sensors, motion detectors, key fob remote transmitters, etc.


    RF Receiver     
    Wireless door/window sensor
    RF Receiver + Antenna
    Wireless door / window sensor


    Customer wiring is performed using convenient screw terminals.   The table below lists the terminal connections:

    Terminal Description
    1 Input power (+12VDC)
    2 Ground
    No connection
    4 Wired sensor #1
    5 Wired sensor #2
    6 Wired sensor #3
    7 Wired sensor #4
    8 Sensor return
    9 Sensor return
    10 Sensor return
    11 Sensor return
    12 Relay - COM
    13 Relay - N/C
    14 Relay - N/O

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