Quad Relay Delay Switch
Digital controller with four relays and configurable activation delay.


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  • Quad Relay Delay Switch
    Standalone controller with four relays, independent wired control
     inputs and configurable activation delay. Includes AC adapter.

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    The Quad-Relay Delay Switch (QRDS-1000) provides general purpose control for four independent devices. It offers optional activation and deactivation delays via configurable onboard DIP switches. The product provides four (4) wired control inputs and is operated standalone without the need of a host PC. The controller has four onboard relays, each with 10A contacts (limited to 5A by board traces). These are Form C relays having normally-open, normally-closed & common contacts. 

    Each relay is individually controllable
    external switch closure inputs. To implement a switch closure input, simply apply a length of 2-conductor wire such as telephone cabling or speaker wire and connect the switch of your choice. (Suitable switches include reed, pushbutton, rotary, toggle, etc.)

    The controller device can be used in a variety of applications:
    • Industrial control
    • Robotics
    • HVAC
    • Animatronics
    • Security
    • Medical devices
    • and more!


    Four (4) relays, 10A contacts (5A actual, limited by trace width)
    Four (4) inputs accept wired switch-closure or TTL signal
    Configurable activation delay (0 to 3 minutes)
    Accepts normally-open or normally-closed switches
    Optional plastic enclosure with mounting flange
    Includes AC adapter

    Application Tutorial:
    HVAC Shut-Off

    The QRDS is suitable for a number of different applications. We offer a free PDF application tutorial describing how to shut off your heating or air conditioning system when a door or window has remained open for a predetermined period of time. The tutorial includes detailed instructions, photos, parts lists and suggested suppliers. (Note: We also offer the HSRS, a product designed specifically for automatic HVAC shut-off applications. Click here for a product comparison.)

    • Automatic HVAC shut-off at door/window violation
    • Supports both wired & wireless applications (wireless applications require a third-party receiver with one or more wireless door/window transmitters)
    • Configurable shut-off delay (up to 3 minutes)

    Important (please read):

    Please review the notes & conditions below about the HVAC tutorial.
    • The HVAC tutorial details two sensor implementation types for the QRDS: wired and wireless. The wired-sensor implementation requires one or more wired door/window contacts along with suitable cabling. While we can provide suitable door/window contacts, wire and cabling are not stocked and must be purchased separately. (Refer to the Items Lists section of the tutorial for supplier details.)
    • The wireless-sensor implementation utilizes a third-party receiver device & door/window transmitters. These items are not stocked by Kadtronix and must be purchased separately. (Refer to the Items Lists section of the tutorial for supplier details.)
    • The wireless-sensor implementation also requires a customized interface cable (also sold separately). The interface cable is to be solder-attached to the receiver's internal printed circuit board. In addition, a hole is to be drilled into the plastic enclosure for cable routing. (These customizations are not authorized by the receiver supplier & will immediately void the device warranty.) As a result, the wireless-sensor implementation for the QRDS is considered a home DIY project and is not recommended for commercial use, product resale, or distribution. (Instead, you may wish to consider our HSRS. Available in both wired and wireless retail packages, this product is designed specifically for HVAC applications and is suitable for both residential and commercial use.)
    • The tutorial is an informal document that is provided with no warranties or guarantees. While every effort has been made to ensure that it is both helpful and reliable, we can assume no liability for damage or injury due to its use or misuse.You are ultimately responsible to validate the instruction prior to undertaking the project. Downloading the tutorial indicates your acceptance of these terms.

    Tutorial Download:

    You may download the free HVAC shutoff tutorial and other relevant resources to your computer where they may be viewed, saved or printed.

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    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing permits your company to manufacture this item and allows you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.


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