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QRDS vs HSRS Comparison:
HVAC shut-off requires a relay controller that can accept sensor inputs. An onboard digital controller with timing delay options is also necessary. Kadtronix offers two suitable products:
The QRDS is a general-purpose device which is suitable for a number of different applications. The HSRS is our flagship HVAC product intended specifically for HVAC shut-off. Please review the product chart below to compare the two products:

Product Comparison:
The following chart compares features and options of QRDS and HSRS products:
Feature List
Accepts door/window sensor inputs
Supports wired control
Supports wireless control
Onboard relays (Form-C)
4 (four)
1 (one)
Configurable activation & deactivation delays (up to 3 min.) (up to 10 hrs)
Available complete from a single source
Requires user-initiated product enhancements and/or customizations
Yes (3) No
Suitable for resale and commercial use
Pricing (wired system)
$189 (4)
$219 (4)
Pricing (wireless system) $239 (4) $399 (4)

  1. The HSRS (wired & wireless) systems are plug-n-play solutions which are each suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
  2. The QRDS wired system is a plug-n-play solution that is suitable for commercial use and product resale.
  3.  The QRDS wireless system requires a third-party receiver device (sold separately) with compatible door/window transmitters. A custom-prepared interface cable must be solder-attached to the receiver's internal printed circuit board. In addition, a hole is to be drilled into the plastic enclosure for cable routing. (These customizations are not authorized by the receiver manufacturer & will immediately void the receiver warranty.) As a result, the wireless solution is considered a home DIY project and is not recommended for commercial use, product resale, or distribution. (Instead, you may wish to use the HSRS if considering a wireless application.)
  4. Approximate minimum pricing is shown. Costs may be higher depending on desired options and accessories.

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