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    - HVAC Smart Relay Switch -
    Energy-saving device for heating & AC
    Ideal for hotels, vacation rental properties, apartments, homeowners and more!
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    HVAC Smart Relay Switch
    Is it compatible with my HVAC system?

    Please consult our FAQ for answers to common questions!


    In an era of high fuel costs, the HVAC Smart Relay Switch (HSRS) lowers energy bills by eliminating wasted power consumption. The HSRS eliminates waste by monitoring open doors and windows. Accepting wired and/or wireless sensor inputs, the HSRS automatically interrupts the HVAC system in the event of a violation such as a door or window that has remained open. The HSRS is a fully configurable device that provides energy efficient control for heating and cooling systems. The HSRS is fully configurable using onboard DIP switches, allowing you to establish specific operational parameters. For instance, configure the device to disable air conditioning or heating when any door or window has remained open for 10 minutes. Onboard DIP switches allow you to configure operational mode and delay parameters.  

    The HSRS was recently featured by tripping.com, the premier search engine for vacation rental properties.

    The HSRS provides connections for as many as 4 wired inputs or zones. Each input can accept a single switch sensor or multiple sensors if wired in a zone configuration (sensors are wired in series or parallel).
    The wireless option accepts up to 8 compatible sensors. Even deploy a combination of both wired switches and wireless sensors.

    The HSRS is the ideal energy management solution, reducing power consumption and energy costs. Simply install door / window sensors and configure the controller with easy DIP switch settings. 


    We have created several informative videos about the HSRS. Choose from the list to view the desired topic.

    Product Overview
    Controller Install / Wiring
    HSRS Wireless Demo

    Or, click the embedded frame below to play the 3 videos in succession.

    The HSRS is ideal for a number of venues including:

    • Hotels (also see hotel energy management solutions)
    • Hospitals
    • Condominiums
    • Office buildings
    • Industrial complexes
    • Apartments
    • Rental properties
    • Schools & Universities
    • and more!

     HVAC Smart Relay Switch
    HSRS for wired-sensor applications

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    Shuts off air conditioning or heating when a violation is detected
    Compatible with existing central air conditioning & heat pump systems
    Works with existing HVAC equipment; requires no thermostat modifications
    Fully programmable via DIP switch settings
    Optional shutoff delay
    Five status LEDs: one (1) system status plus four (4) switch sensor indicators
    Onboard relay: 10A @ 250VAC,  5A @ 100VDC
    Accepts wired inputs for monitoring up to 4 wired zones
    Wireless model accepts up to 8 wireless door sensors
    Configurable re-activate (relay on) and de-activate (relay off) delay periods
    Available modes for occupancy / vacancy detection (requires motion sensors)
    Selectable re-activate / de-activate time delays
    Terminal block connector for user wiring
    Powered by 24vac-to-12vdc converter  - included (optional 120VAC adapter also available)


    Have Questions?

    We've got answers - visit our Frequently Asked Questions page!

    - Decals -

    Do you own or manage guest lodging such as a hotel or vacation rental? Need to remind patrons to conserve energy? Measuring approximately 3" x 4", these adhesive-backed gems make great reminders.

    Door/Window Sensor (GEN2)
    (Patio Door)

    (click to enlarge)

    General Purpose HVAC Control (A/C, heater, damper, etc.)

    PTAC application

    Wireless RF Option

    For installations where traditional wire runs are not possible or may be inconvenient, we offer a wireless option that consists of specialized controller, integrated RF receiver, door transmitters, whip antenna, coax cabling, and mounting bracket.

    HSRS Wiring Installation

    The HSRS is ideally suited for use with split (central, ducted) systems. We recommend installing the HSRS controller near the air handler and routing a length of low-voltage wire into the unit for direct access to the HVAC's 24vac power. (Most any low voltage wire will suffice such as thermostat, telephone, intercom, or alarm wire.) The diagram below demonstrates a typical wiring installation.

    Caution: Although HSRS wiring is not complicated, only a qualified HVAC contractor, technician or electrician should attempt the procedure. Wiring diagrams and instructions are provided for the purpose of demonstrating a typical installation.
    We accept no liability or responsibility for possible errors, omissions, or ambiguities. The installer assumes full responsibility for a proper install and to verify all wiring modifications. Should you encounter any issues during or after the install, contact us for free  support by phone or e-mail.

    Central A/C

    • Shut off power to the HVAC system.
    • Remove front cover from the HVAC air handler unit.
    • Detach HSRS enclosure lid by removing the retaining screws.
    • Locate the low voltage 24v wire that powers the thermostat (typically red).
    • Also locate the 24v common wire (typically blue or black).
    • Perform necessary wiring as illustrated in the diagram above.
    • Verify and double-check your completed modifications.
    • Replace air handler front cover.
    • Replace HSRS enclosure lid.
    • Restore HVAC system power.

    A convenient terminal block is provided for wiring purposes. The table below lists the terminal connections:

    Terminal Description
    1 Input power (+12VDC)
    2 Ground
    No connection
    4 Wired sensor #1
    5 Wired sensor #2
    6 Wired sensor #3
    7 Wired sensor #4
    8 Sensor return
    9 Sensor return
    10 Sensor return
    11 Sensor return
    12 Relay - COM
    13 Relay - N/C
    14 Relay - N/O


    HSRS Brochure
    (free PDF download)


    Comments / Feedback

    As property manager of ocean-front vacation condominiums, we have had ongoing problems with guests who leave patio doors open so they can enjoy the view. This has resulted in enormous electric bills, especially in summer months when the air conditioning has run continually. We purchased and installed the HSRS in June, 2011 and were pleased to discover an immediate savings in our electric bills. The system has been extremely reliable with no false detections. In fact, one day a guest called to report that his air conditioning had stopped working.  When asked if any exterior doors were currently open, he replied, "yes". After closing the door, the HSRS re-activated the a/c and resumed normal operation. I'd recommend the system to anyone looking to save money on their heating and cooling costs.
    Sam M., Hatteras, North Carolina

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    The HSRS is our flagship HVAC shutoff system and is available in both wired and wireless varieties.

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