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  • Energy-saving devices for heating & air conditioning! 

    Energy consumption due to air conditioning and heating is one of the most costly monthly expenditures for homes and businesses alike. We recognize that energy costs are especially critical in the hotel industry. Kadtronix offers two vital solutions to help you reduce your energy costs:
    • Wi-Fi Multi-Device Control (WMDC)  - automatic HVAC control based on guest reservation dates
    • HVAC Smart Relay System (HSRS) - shuts off the HVAC when a door/window remains open

    WiFi Multi-Device Control

    The Wi-Fi Multi-Device Control (WMDC) system gives the hotel manager complete control of HVAC units in individual rooms. It permits automatic control via schedules created for each guest. For instance, specify a schedule to activate the air conditioning in room 214 for a guest whose reservation indicates that he will be arriving in two weeks and staying for 2 days and nights. The HVAC system will be automatically activated during his stay and then deactivated on the day of checkout. For more information on the WMDC, click here.

    For more information on the WMDC, click here.

    HVAC Smart Relay System

    The HSRS eliminates waste by monitoring open doors and windows. It automatically interrupts the HVAC system in the event of a violation such as a door or window that has remained open for a period of time. For more information on the HSRS, click here.

    HSRS Overview

    PTAC application

    For more information on the HSRS, click here.

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