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  • Wiegand-to-RS232 Format Converter
    interface format conversion for access control & other uses

    Wiegand-RS232 Format Converter
    Stater Package System
    (Includes Windows software)


    Don't bother with cheap alternatives! Our converters can be adapted to most any Wiegand format (up to 99 bits). Plus, Windows software makes setup a breeze!

    The Wiegand-to-RS232 Format Converter (WRFC) provides format conversion for Wiegand output devices such as card readers and sensors. The WRFC may be used in access control and other applications where it may be necessary to interface a Wiegand device to a serial-based system. It is also useful as a platform for decoding Wiegand signals. The WRFC provides seamless format conversion, accepting a Wiegand source input and outputting a stream of ASCII characters.

    The WRFC is simple to install and is ideal for access control applications, especially where it may be necessary to interface a Wiegand source device to a system that anticipates RS-232 data. Compatible source devices include legacy card readers, specialized sensors, etc.

    Consider these features:

    • Converts Wiegand signals into standard ASCII numeric data
    • Configurable DIP switch option settings
    • Accepts Wiegand source data  from  compatible card readers
    • Also accepts data from specialized devices including Wiegand sensors
    • Outputs standard ASCII characters
    • Apply optional prefix and suffix strings to the ASCII output
    • Configurable Wiegand input formats
    • User-defined custom formats also possible (via ASCII host commands).
    • Optional voltage output via DB9 connector for port-powered devices
    • Configurable baud rate (9600 & 19200)
    • Availble Windows host software simplifies custom format setup.
    • DB-9 (female) connector
    • Compact size (measures 5.3" x 3.3" x 1.5")
    • Optional relay and piezo beeper
    • Includes USB-to-RS232 cable (for Windows host application comm.)
    • AC adapter (12vdc)


    • Systems without a compatible RS-232 port will require a suitable adapter. For instance, a PC or laptop with only USB ports can utilize a USB-to-RS232 adapter.
    • In some applications, it may be necessary to emulate the output a particular device such as a magnetic stripe card reader. These devices are known to employ special characters including field identifiers and delimiters. In these instances, you may wish to define optional prefix and/or suffix strings. (Refer to the user manual for details.)

    Host Software

    WRFC host software for Windows provides the capability to configure the converter to accept a wide variety of Wiegand formats including standard and custom types. It also allows you to define the desired output format for the converted ASCII data. (If your host PC has no RS-232 ports, then a compatible USB-to-RS232 adapter will be required.)

    The software permits you to define source data parsing and enables you to create custom formats.  The table below summarizes software features:

    WRFC Software Features
    Feature List
    Converts Wiegand input data to ASCII numeric characters
    Accepts standard 8-bit and 26-bit Wiegand formats
    Optionally define user defined (custom) formats
    Accommodates Wiegand data sources such as card readers and sensors
    Configurable ASCII output formatting
    Report the current format configuration settings
    Can be used to decode incoming Wiegand data
    Configurable output baud rate (9600 or 19200)
    Available DIP switch option settings
    Optional peripherals including beeper and/or relay
    AC adapter (12vdc)

    Note: Our user manual contains a section which defines available commands for those who are interested in developing their own host application. 

    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing permits your company to manufacture this item and allows you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.


    Customer wiring is performed using convenient screw terminals. The table below lists the terminal connections:

    Terminal Description
    1 Ground
    2 Input power (+12VDC)
    +5VDC out (200 mA max)
    4 N/A
    5 Wiegand DATA0
    6 Wiegand DATA1
    7 Ground
    8 Relay contact (N/C)
    9 Relay contat (COM)
    10 Relay contact (N/O)
    11 RS-232 Tx data (also available at DB-9)
    12 RS-232 Rx data (also available at DB-9)
    13 Ground
    14 N/A



    User Manual
    (free PDF download)



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