Wireless Card Data Logger
for wi-fi networks


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  • Wi-Fi Card Data Logger (WCDL)
    RFID (proximity) reader + remote card logging
    Wireless card data logging!
      Also accepts optional external card-reader


    The Wi-Fi Card Data Logger (WCDL) is a plug-and-play solution that consists of WC-6150 reader/controller (shown above) and Windows software (sold separately).  The WC-6150 device combines RFID (proximity) reader and non-volatile storage for up to 4000+ card transactions. (Capacity is doubled with optional memory expansion.) The WCDL is sleek and compact, measuring only 5.5" x 4.75" x 1".  This Wi-Fi solution is simple to install and requires no communications wiring.  It is ideal for use inapplications that require offline capture of card transactions:

    • Public transit
    • Shopping centers
    • Equipment usage
    • Inventory tracking
    • Student identification
    • Employee attendance
    • Tradeshows & conventions
    • OEM applications

    The WCDL automatically uploads stored records when connected to a host computer via Wi-Fi. The host uses a simple polling command to retrieve card data transactions. Each record consists of three comma-separated fields:

    • Date (yymmdd)
    • Time (hhmmss)
    • Card ID
    You may create your own custom host application or we can provide our WCDL Client application (for Windows). The WCDL Client automatically polls remote devices on a periodic basis and stores retrieved card data transaction records to files on disk.

    The WCDL is comprised of two primary elements:

    • WC-6150 controller (with card reader)
    • WCDL host software

    Compatible with standard Wi-Fi networks, the WC-6150 controller is a self-contained device with wireless TCP/IP interface, integrated RFID reader, and AC adapter. It is available in a number of variations as shown below:

    Indoor controller, with
    HID prox. reader

    Outdoor controller, with
    HID prox. reader
    Portable handheld, battery-operated, with HID prox. reader


    Windows Software

    WCDL Client software is compatible with WC-6150 controllers. This software provides functions for controller configuration, initialization, data upload, and more!  There are 3 available editions: lite, standard, & premium.  The table below summarizes the features for each edition:

    WCDL Software Features
    Feature List
    Lite Standard Premium
    Ethernet TCP/IP communication via Wi-Fi
    Polling thread retrieves card data from remote reader controllers.
    Stores card data transaction records to files on your computer
    Add, modify, and delete reader controllers
    Auto-detection of card-reader controllers
    Supports 1 remote reader controller (lite edition)

    Supports up to 5 remote reader controllers.  

    Supports up to 32 remote reader controllers.
    Supports activation of optional onboard relay    
    Permits multiple processing threads for higher performance.

    The WC-6150 can be used with an array of available card and tag (fob) media.  The following compatible formats are accepted:

    • HID ISOProx II
    • EM4001
    • EM4100
    • EM4102
    • EM4200

    The WC-6150 unit is easily configured for your network using any suitable USB-to-RS232 adapter (not included).  Or, if desired, we can pre-configure the unit for you.  The following network parameters are applicable:

    • SSID
    • Passphrase
    • Gateway (router) address
    • Static I.P. address
    • Port number

    The following network authentication modes are supported:

    • WEP
    • WPA
    • WPA-PSK

    Installation is a breeze. Simply mount the controller unit on a convenient wall or other surface and plug the AC adapter into a nearby wall outlet. Use our Windows PC host software to configure network parameters and specify a device ID.


    Wireless operation - no communications cables
    Easily integrates into your network
    Internally integrated Wi-Fi antenna
    TCP/IP protocol
    802.11 b/g
    Authentication modes:  WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK
    Compatible with proximity (RFID) readers
    Optional built-in or board-strapped RFID card reader (card media: 26-bit or 37-bit Wiegand)
    Accepts these 125 kHz external RFID readers: HID-compatible, Pyramid P-300, etc.
    Simple polling interface for downloading data records
    Status LEDs: system status plus network indicators
    Optional relay for door/gate activation (500 mA contact rating)
     Windows host software for configuration, initialization, & data upload
    Can also be used with OEM developed software applications
    Stores up to 4000+ card transactions (expandable to 8000+)
    Internal DIP switches for Wi-fi configuration mode
    DB9 host interface for configuring Wi-Fi interface parameters
    Slimline enclosure, measures: 5.5" x 4.75" x 1"
    Easily detached lid for wiring and configuration operations
    Includes AC adapter

    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing permits your company to manufacture this item and allows you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.


    Customer wiring is performed using convenient screw terminals.   The table below lists the terminal connections:

    Terminal Description
    1 Ground
    2 Input power (+12VDC)
    +5VDC out (200 mA max)
    4 N/A
    5 Data0 (ext. reader)
    6 Data1 (ext. reader)
    7 Ground
    8 Relay N/O
    9 Relay COM
    10 Relay N/C
    11 Reserved
    12 N/A
    13 N/A
    14 N/A



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