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    - Smart Temperature Relay Switch -
    Remote Environmental Monitoring & Control
    featuring wireless RF temperature / humidity sensing


    The Smart Temperature Relay Switch (STRS) provides automatic control of user equipment based upon specified environmental trigger conditions (i.e., temperature and/or humidity). Utilizing compatible wireless RF sensors, the system is useful in a vast array of applications. With companion Windows application software and USB adapter cable (included), you may easily configure desired temperature/humidity limits and resulting trigger actions. The Windows application allows for occasional offline configuration setup, or can remain continuously active for online activities including realtime monitoring and/or optional logging. The STRS is comprised of the following elements:
    • STRS controller with integrated wireless RF receiver
    • Built-in relay with Form C contacts plus convenient wiring screw terminals
    • One or more wireless temperature/humidity sensors (see note below)
    • Windows application software (for configuration setup, realtime monitoring, and/or optional logging) 
    The STRS is ideally suited for any application where it may be necessary to control equipment action based upon changes in temperature and/or relative humidity:
    • Climate control
    • Exhaust systems
    • Farming and agriculture
    • Environmental control
    • Industrial automation
    • Plant & produce cultivation
    • Freezer alarms & refrigeration systems
    Note: While the STRS can monitor an unlimited number of wireless sensors, a maximum of four (4) sensors can be selected for trigger-based control.


    Windows application software permits you to configure operational settings including temperature and humidity limits. Assign desired configuration settings to suit your application. Then, simply upload to the STRS controller device. (Requires USB-to-RS232 adapter). Once your settings have been uploaded, the USB connection is no longer required, but may remain attached for realtime monitoring and/or optional logging (premium edition only).

    Installation is a breeze. Simply run the setup installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Next, apply batteries in each remote sensor. The Windows application will automatically detect sensor signals (transmitted every 16 seconds) and display the data. Easily define trigger settings, notifications, delays, etc. There are two available software editions:
    • Standard
    • Premium


    Compatible wireless RF sensors by AcuRite provide long-range coverage (up to 300 ft.) for remote monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

    Indoor / Outdoor
    (temperature & humidity)

    Indoor sensor
    w/ digital display
    (temperature & humidity)



    Evironmental monitoring & control via compatible wireless sensors
    Configurable settings including setpoint triggers for temperature and/or relative humidity
    Four (4) LED indicators show trigger status at a glance
    Available low-cost wireless RF sensors for remote temperature/humidity monitoring
    Assign trigger setpoints for as many as four (4) individual wireless sensors
    Also accepts optional switches for hard-wired triggering
    Onboard relay with N/O and N/C contacts (rated 10A @ 125VDC, 6A @ 277 VAC)
    Temperature range: -40 deg.F to 158 deg.F (-40 deg.C to 70 deg.C)
    Windows software for configuration and monitoring (includes USB adapter cable)
    Optional event logging (premium edition only)
    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win10, etc.

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    User Manual
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