Multi-Lock Controller
Control up to 10 lock devices using a PC or smart device
Supports activation devices: magnetic locks and solenoids


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  • Multi-Lock Controller
    Featuring 10 lock inputs & convenient wiring terminals
    Host-selectable activation modes: solenoid & mag-lock
    Available host control methods: RS-232, RS-485, USB
    low as $189

    The Multi-Lock Controller (MLC) is a remotely operated device that can be used for activating up to ten (10) individual electronic locks.  Ideal for OEM applications, the MLC accepts simple ASCII commands from a PC or other host device.  Available host methods include RS-232, RS-485, and USB (requires USB-to-RS232 converter).  Applications requiring more than 10 locks can utilize multiple MLC devices.

    Having dual activation modes, the MLC can control either magnetic locks or solenoid devices (or any desired combination).  The MLC features three (3) terminal block connectors for user wiring.  Two of the connectors are for wiring locks (up to 5 locks per connector).  Each terminal block provides a load capacity of 1 amp. (e.g., 2 loads @ 500ma each, 5 loads @ 200mA each). 

    Note:  If locks uilize a higher current draw than allowed, then intermediate device(s) should be applied (e.g., relays, power transistors, etc.). 
    The MLC is suitable for a number of applications including the following:
    • Keyless lockers & mailboxes
    • Tanning room access
    • Tool storage bins
    • Vending machines
    • Equipment control
    • Storage facilities
    • Meeting rooms
    • Fire doors
    The MLC accepts predefined commands from a PC or other device and supports the following host communications methods:
    • RS-232 (or USB with appropriate converter)
    • RS-485

    Application #1:

    "Tool Access System"

    Application #2:

    "Keyless Mailboxes / Lockers"

    Serial Host Commands:

    The MLC accepts an array of predefined ASCII command sequences.  These commands can be isseud by a host device or by terminal emulation application such as HyperTerminal or DockLight.  Each command consists of message code ID, validation code, and optional parameter(s).  Available commands include the following:
    • 80H - GET_FW_VERSION     // Get firmware version
    • 81H - SET_LOCK_ON_PERIOD // Set activation period lock(s)
    • 82H - GET_LOCK_ON_PERIOD // Get activation period
    • 83H - SET_LOCK_MODE      // Set activation mode
    • 84H - GET_LOCK_MODE      // Get activation mode
    • 85H - ACTIVATE_LOCK      // Activate (release)
    • 86H - DEACTIVATE_LOCK    // Deactivate (latch)
    • 87H - AUTO_DETECT        // Poll for online status
    • 89H - BEEP_ON_ACTIVATE   // Sound the beeper on activation
    • 90H - ANNUNCIATE_BEEPER  // Activate beeper for specified period
    MLC protocol manual provides additional details and is included with your purchase as a PDF download.


    Optional plastic enclosure with mounting flange
    Controls up to 10 electronic lock devices
    Two available lock activation modes: mag-lock & solenoid
    Dual terminal blocks (5 locks each) for lock control
    Additional terminal block for RS-485 and power
    Slimline plastic enclosure
    Simple host command protocol
    Host methods: RS-232, RS-485, or USB
    DIP selectable addresses (for RS-485) - up to 25 devices (250 locks) on a single cable
    Powered by A/C adapter (wall-wart) or terminal block wiring

    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing permits your company to manufacture this item and allows you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.



    Multi-Lock Controller
    w/ 10 lock inputs

    reg. $229.00

    sale $189.00

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