Conference Room Occupancy System
  with wireless motion sensors


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  • Conference Room Occupancy System
    Monitor the occupancy status
     of meeting rooms, lobbies,
    secure areas and more!



    The Conference Room Occupancy System (CROCS) provides monitored occupancy detection and status for meeting rooms, lobbies, secure areas and more. The CROCS is a complete solution that includes wireless motion detectors, RF receiver system and compatible software. The system supports occupancy monitoring for up to 256 individual rooms or spaces. The CROCS is well-suited for use in these venues:

    • Reception areas
    • Meeting rooms
    • Lobbies and entrances
    • Hotel guest occupancy
    • Stores and retail centers
    • Hospice and elder care
    • Daycare centers
    • School hallways
    • Community centers
    • Parking garages
    • Recreation facilities
    • Secure zones
    • Storage facilities

    • Complete system including three (3) motion detectors
    • Monitors occupancy status in rooms and other spaces
    • Includes RF receiver system with antenna
    • Configurable and exapandable (up to 256 detectors)
    • Windows software with visual status and timestamped activity
    • Includes a status aging feature which highlights recent activity
    • Configure notifications based on predefined trigger conditions
    • Standalone option provides multi-room monitoring for a single zone/area
    • Available Wi-Fi option supports additional coverage zones/areas

    System Overview

    The system includes three (3) motion detectors with additional sensors available as needed. It is configurable and expandable up to 256 detectors. There are two available package options depending on the desired scope of coverage:

    • Standalone (single-zone)
    • Wi-Fi (multi-zone)

    The standalone option provides monitoring for a single zone. (A zone consists of one or more rooms that are co-located within an area. Monitored rooms must be within 75 feet of the RF receiver.) The image below depicts the standalone system overview:

    Conference Room Occupancy System
    - Standalone Option -

    The Wi-Fi option permits network-based monitoring via your existing wireless network and supports multiple remote areas or zones. While rooms within a zone must be co-located, individual zones themselves may be located separately and remotely. (For instance, remote zones may be located in separate departments, on individual floors, or within different buildings). There is no restriction on zone locations or separation as
    long as they are covered on the same Wi-Fi network with suitable wireless access points. (Monitored rooms within a zone must be co-located and within 75 feet of the RF receiver.)

    Conference Room Occupancy System
    - Wi-Fi Option -

    Host Software

    Windows software is included for performing system setup operations and providing visual occupancy status for all monitored rooms. Known as the Smart Remote Commander System (SRCS), this specialized application receives and displays alert messages from compatible motion detectors. These messages notify the host application of perceived activity within monitored rooms. The software also includes a visual aging feature which highlights each detector message with a predefined color based on when it was received. This allows you to quickly and easily determine recent occupancy at a glance.

    The SRCS provides not only visual monitoring, but also permits you to configure one or more optional event notifications based on pre-specified trigger conditions. (For example, play a wav sound or display a pop-up message when someone enters the main lobby.) The following event notifications are possible:

    • E-mail
    • Pop-up message
    • Wav file
    • Run application
    • System action (screen-saver, shutdown, etc.)
    • Activate relay (available only with the Wi-Fi option)

    The image below depicts the SRCS main display. (Lines highlighted in green denote recent occupancy while those highlighed in yellow denote less recent activity.)

    Screen Capture

    The software is available in two editions: standard and premium. The table below summarizes the features of each edition:

    Software Edition Features
    Feature List
    Premium Standard
    Monitor up to 256 motion detectors
    Convenient visual status
    Message aging with user-defined color highlighting
    Configurable event notifications
    Optional Wi-Fi interfacing (requires exiting Wi-Fi network)
    Data logging (to ASCII text files)

    Audible alerts

    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing permits your company to manufacture this item and allows you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.


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