Magstripe Vending Controller

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  •   Magstripe Vending Controller
    Controller / timer device for vending,
    tanning, dispensing & other applications.

    VCAS Controller

    Card-based control for vending machines, laundromats, fitness centers,
    tanning salons, shopping malls,
    locker rooms, hotels, hospitals,
    schools, car washes, amusement centers, and more!


    The VCAS system provides controlled access to vending machines, laundry systems, tanning beds, lab equipment, industrial machines, automation devices, restricted areas, and more. Card-holders are provided a finite number of accesses (i.e., card units) which are tracked and maintained automatically by the controller. Windows software allows you to add or modify card units anytime.

    VCAS uses a range of pre-encoded magstripe access cards. Each card is pre-encoded with a unique numeric ID on track-2. You purchase a desired number of cards and then distribute to patrons (card-holders).  (Up to 30,000 different cards may be assigned per controller.) Using Windows software, card-holders may be assigned a specific number of access units which you specify. After each use, the available number of units is automatically decremented.  When units have been depleted, access will no longer permitted by the controller. (Depleted card units may be replenished if desired.)

    VCAS host software permits you to modify, clear, or replenish card-holder units at any time without having the card(s) in-hand. Because units are stored within the VCAS controller and not on the cards themselves, card maintenance is simple. Better still, expensive card-writers are not required. Cards may be re-used as often as desired without ever re-encoding them. 

    VCAS software also allows you to assign the relay on-period for equipment activation. (Designed for standalone operation, the VCAS controller does not require connection to a host PC except for card maintenance updates and/or settings modifications.)

    For applications involving access to more than one machine, multiple controllers may be networked to a single PC via RS-485 (requires suitable converter/adapter). VCAS optionally permits each networked controller to accept a different range of access cards, preventing cross-use of machines if necessary.

    The Vending Card Access System (VCAS) consists of vending access controller(s), magstripe card reader, and Windows application software. VCAS is ideal for a number of venues & applications including the following:  

    • Vending areas
    • Lunch rooms
    • Laundromats
    • Tanning salons
    • Phone booths
    • Game rooms
    • Internet cafes
    • Conventions
    • Hotels
    • Electronic lockers
    • Shopping malls
    • Promotional events
    • Amusement centers
    • Gyms & fitness centers
    • Hospitals
    • Car washes
    • Locker rooms
    • Schools & universities
    • and more!

    Magstripe Card-Reader


    Magstripe card-reader
    Onboard relay for equipment activation
    Selectable DIP switch settings
    Accepts up to 30,000 cards per controller
    Configurable card activation units (0 to 65535)
     Optional LCD display (requires enclosure)
    Configurable relay activation period:  0 to 18 hours
    Standalone operation
    Onboard relay: 0.4A @ 125VAC,  2A @ 30VDC
     Windows host software for card maintenance
    RS-232 host interface via onboard DB9 connector (requires USB-to-RS232 converter)
    Optional RS-485 supports multiple controllers (requires USB-to-RS485 converter)
    A/C adapter (wall-wart)

    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing allows your company to manufacture this item and gives you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.

    VCAS for Windows


    VCAS Host Software for Windows


    Wiring is performed using convenient screw terminals.  
    The table below lists the terminal connections:

    Terminal Description
    1 Input power (+12VDC)
    2 Ground
    +5VDC out (200mA)
    4 * RS-485+ host comm.
    5 * RS-485- host comm.
    6 RS-485-
    7 LCD Tx
    8 Ground
    9 Force activate
    10 Relay - N/C
    11 Relay - COM
    12 Relay - N/O
    13 Unused
    14 Unused

    * RS-485 host comm is optional.  RS-232 is the primary
    host interface, provided via onboard DB9-F connector.
     (USB-to-RS232 adapter may be necessary if the host
     PC has no RS-232 ports.)


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