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  • Smart Remote Commander System (SRCS)
    Wireless remote control, detection, & monitoring for your PC!
    for USB and 802.11 Wi-Fi host communications
     Starter package includes RF receiver, whip antenna, fob remote control,
    two (2) motion detectors, USB-to-RS232 adapter, and Windows software!


    The Smart Remote Commander System (SRCS) is a wireless automation, control, and monitoring system for use with Windows PCs and laptops.  It provides realtime occupancy detection, event notification, and reporting.  It is especially ideal for the following uses:

    • Occupancy detection (motion detectors)
    • Remote activation (handheld & fob remotes) 

    The SRCS is well-suited for occupancy detection in these venues:

    • Reception areas
    • Lobbies and entrances
    • Hotel guest occupancy
    • Stores and retail centers
    • Hospice and elder care
    • Daycare centers
    • School hallways
    • Community centers
    • Parking garages
    • Meeting rooms
    • Recreation facilities
    • Secure zones
    • Storage facilities

    The SRCS is also useful in venues where wireless handheld or fob remote activation may be necessary:

    • Demonstrations
    • Presentations
    • Kiosks
    • Security
    • Automation
    • Retail displays
    • Conference rooms

    The SRCS is comprised of these elements:

    A Wi-Fi option is available for 802.11 networks.  This option includes WS-1000 Wi-Fi interface controller (shown below).

    WS-1000 Controller
    WS-1000 Controller

      Wi-Fi Sensor System

    Attention OEMs and system integrators:

    Are you developing or improving a product for a wireless monitoring application? 
    The Wi-Fi Sensor System (WSS) is compatible with wireless peripherals including motion detectors and door/window sensors.  It is a platform independent solution that can be used with PCs, tablets, and smartphones.  The WSS uses 802.11 Wi-Fi technology to capture sensor data and transmit it to a client computer on a local network or over the internet.

    Click here for more information.

    Event Notifications

    One of the strengths of the SRCS software is its ability to issue notifications based on pre-specified motion events.  The following notifications are available:

    • E-mail
    • WAV sound
    • Pop-up message
    • Run application
    • System action (screen saver, shutdown, etc.)
    • Relay activation (see note)
    (Note:  Relay activation allows automatic control of an external device or appliance.  This feature is available only with the Wi-Fi option.)


    The SRCS supports a variety of wireless devices including motion sensors and handheld remote controls.  These devices are compact, self-contained, and battery powered.  No wiring is needed as the devices communicate via wireless RF signals.  Each can be configured with a unique device address.

    Motion sensor, available in white or black

    Device Addressing

    Each device may be configured with a unique address consisting of house- and unit-codes. 
    • House codes:  'A' - 'P'
    • Unit codes:     '1' - '16'
    Up to 256 addresses are possible, allowing the use of many devices in a single application. 


    Our SRCS host software for Windows is a tool for data capture and display of sensor data.  The application captures and displays device events and also supports logging (premium edition). 

    One of the strengths of the SRCS software is its ability to issue notifications based on pre-specified events.  The following notifications are available:

    • E-mail
    • WAV sound
    • Pop-up message
    • Run application
    • System action (screen saver, shutdown, etc.)
    • Relay activation (see note)

    The software is available in two editions: standard and premium.  The standard edition has the following primary features:

    • Device data capture and display
    • Configurable event notifications
    • Optional Wi-Fi interfacing

    The premium edition has all features of the standard edition plus the following additional feature(s):

    • Data logging (to ASCII text files)
    • Audible alerts

    SRCS Software

    Wi-Fi Option:

    The SRCS supports a Wi-Fi option for applications with remote capture requirements.  This option includes a WS-1000 interface controller.  The WS-1000 is easily configured for your network (requires specialized USB cable).  The following network parameters are applicable:

    • SSID
    • Passphrase
    • Gateway (router) address
    • Static I.P. address
    • Port number

    The following network authentication modes are supported:

    • WEP
    • WPA
    • WPA-PSK

    If desired, custom OEM software may be developed for any client system including PCs, tablets, etc.
    Here are the steps your software should perform for establishing a network connection to the WS-1000 controller and receiving data:

    • Create a TCP socket
    • Designate host assignment for the WS-1000 server (I.P. address or host name)
    • Connect to the server via the created socket
    • Initiate a receive operation and wait for sensor data from the WS-1000
    Note:  These steps are high-level instructions for informational purposes only.  The specific method required will depend on the programming language, libraries, and operating system being used. 


    Uses compatible wireless devices
    Supports up to 256 devices
     Windows host software captures sensor data for display & logging
    Configurable event notifications
    Includes RF receiver, detectors, and USB-to-RS232 adapter
    Optional Wi-Fi host comm

    Sample Application #1:  Remote Control


    Sample Application #2:  Remote occupancy monitoring


    Design Licensing

    This item is available for licensing to OEMs. This design is available for OEM licensing.  Licensing permits your company to manufacture this item and allows you royalty-free sales and distribution rights.  Click here for additional details.


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