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    MCAS Host Control Software
    The Magstripe Card Access System (MCAS) is the basis of a home, office, or industrial access control system.  Host control software is available for control and maintenance functions.  Supporting an array of commands, MCAS control software allows you to add, modify, or remove users.  Also define reader stations and perform control operations including door/gate control. Also set configuration parameters such as activation method, time delays, etc.  The following screen-capture illustrates the host control software:

    For information and purchase details of MCAS controllers and firmware, click here.


    There are three available MCAS software products: MCAS Standalone, MCAS Online, and MCAS OEM API. Standalone and online products are each available in three editions: lite, standard, and premium. The following chart lists the features associated with each edition:
    Feature List
    Lite Standard Premium
    Serial communication including RS-232 & RS-485
    Ethernet TCP/IP & Wi-Fi communication options
    Auto-detection of card-reader controllers
    Door/gate access-activation with configurable timer
    Add, modify, and delete users 
    Dynamic card-monitoring utility
    Add / configure card-reader stations
    Free unlimited e-mail support
    Card-access logging - stores access attempts to ASCII formatted log files  
    Date-based processing - automatically disables expired card users  
    Automatic import of user records from external databases  
    Department-based access - grants user access to specific readers only:  (two available access levels: single reader & all readers)    
    Photo enrollment - compatible with digital webcams    
    Automatic photo identification - displays employee/user photo on card-access attempt    
    Display-based list queuing of card users - compatible with multi-monitor systems. (Requires plug-in.)



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