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    USB Interface Board
    Design Licensing

    Includes design details, firmware hex load file,
    Windows demo app., demo source, and driver
    (firmware source-code option also available)



    Want to market your own USB device but don't have the time or resources to develop it?  Our UDacq10 digital interface board design is available for low-cost, royalty-free licensing by your company or institution, allowing you to manufacture and market your own USB device without restriction or limits. 

    UDacq10 firmware provides built-in capability for configurable digital inputs/outputs, analog-to-digital conversion, R/C servo outputs, and serial peripheral interface (SPI). The firmware is provided in the form of a non-modifiable binary hex load file.  Firmware source code option is also available (Hi-Tech C). 

    UDacq10 includes schematic, PCB layout (ExpressPCB), hex load file for PIC microcontroller programming (requires device programmer), and parts list.  Contains driver and API library for host software development.  Also includes sample PC host software (VC++ 6.0) plus demo source. The API library (UsbDacApi) greatly simplifies host software development by encapsulating complex USB operations, giving you easy access to your device. 

    UDacq10 is ideal for a number of applications including data acquisition, robotics, industrial control, education, research and more!

    Check out these features:

    Sixteen configurable (input/output) TTL signals on two 8-bit ports: A and B
    Software-selectable pull-up resistors (Port A only)
    Two analog-to-digital input channels
    Two R/C servo PWM output channels
    Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
    LED indicates status and comm. activity
    Uses popular Microchip PIC microcontroller
    Bus-powered from USB cable (no external power supply)
    Low part-count; easy to build
    Inexpensive, royalty-free license
    Includes Windows demo plus demo source code:  Visual C++, 6.0
    Firmware source code option available (Hi-Tech C)

    Sample PCB Assembly

    Screenshot from demo app - UsbDacDemo


    *** Important: ***

    Purchased product must be downloaded from Kadtronix.  Download instructions will be provided via e-mail.


    Standard License
    Premium License
    (Royalty-free, includes firmware source code)
    Warning:  This product contains intellectual property which may not be distributed or re-sold under any circumstances.  You are responsible to protect licensed design materials and to limit access as necessary.  Purchase indicates your agreement to non-disclosure.  (NDA document signature may be required.)

    *** Important: ***

    Purchased product must be downloaded from Kadtronix.  Download instructions will be provided via e-mail. 

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