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    USB Switch Interface Board

    Reads up to 150 mechanical switches
    Price: $149 (includes SW-150 hardware interface,
    Windows drivers, & configuration utility)

    Includes interface board, USB cable, 
    Windows drivers and configuration utility


    The SW-150 Switch Interface board allows you to easily access input states for as many as 150 mechanical switches.  Compatible with normally-open, momentary switches and relay contacts, the device detects and reports switch-closures.  The SW-150 uses a 15 x 10 matrix configuration and includes a 30-pin connector for wiring your switches.  When a switch-closure occurs, an ASCII text message string is generated which can be output to the Windows keyboard buffer and/or log file.  When output is directed to the keyboard buffer, the active Windows application that is in the forgeground (i.e., the top-most window) will receive the text.  When output is directed to log files, messages are saved to text files in the folder that you specify.  Detection messages have the following format:

    In the format above, "xx" is the two-digit row and "yy" is the column representing the switch that has activated.  For example, a message of "R01C02" indicates that the switch located at row 1, column 2 was activated.  For wiring details and connector pin-outs, refer to the wiring diagram.

    SW-150 is ideal for a number of applications including:

    • Industrial I/O
    • Switch-boards
    • Keypads
    • Interface panels
    • Operator stations
    • Robotics
    • Vending mahines
    • Alarm & security systems
    • Robotics
    The software provides the following configurable settings:
    • Repeat rate
    • Scan rate
    • Piezo-beeper duration
    • LED duration
    • Message output (keyboard buffer or log file)
    • Time-stamping


    Interfaces up to 150 normally-open, momentary switches
    Selectable message output to keyboard buffer and/or log files
    USB Plug-N-Play
    Audible piezo-beeper
    Onboard status LED 
    External signal for optional LED at your switch-matrix panel 
    Configurable repeat-rate, scan-rate, etc.
    Bus-powered from USB cable (no external power supply)
    Includes Windows drivers and configuration utility

    SW-150 Hardware

    Screenshot - Main Dialog



    Switches must be wired in a 15 x 10 matrix configuration.  For details, you may view the wiring plan by left-clicking the following icon (Adobe Acrobat Reader required):

    To wire your switches, a compatible 30-pin female connector and cabling are required (not included). See the table below for descriptions and part numbers:
    Connector & cabling for wiring your switches
    Description Part Number
    Connector, 30-pin, female, rectangular IDC, 2-rows, 0.1" pitch Digi-Key #HKC30H-ND or equiv.
    Ribbon cable, flat, 30-conductor Digi-Key #AE30G-5-ND or equiv.
    Optional strain-relief for 30-pin IDC connector & cable above Digi-Key #MKSR30-ND or equiv.


    Purchase Details

    SW-150 Switch Interface
    (Includes hardware interface, USB cable, and Windows software plus drivers.)
    Contact Us
    Important:  Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery of hardware.  (Shipment will not contain software or CD.)  Software must be downloaded from the Kadtronix website.  Download instructions will be provided via e-mail within 1 to 2 business days after completed purchase.

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