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    Printed circuit devices manufactured for Kadtronix must be handled according to strict guidelines. The videos listed here will instruct you on proper procedures and methods.
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    ESD Training for the Beginner
     ESD awareness is essential when working with printed circuits and components. This presentation explains electrostatic discharge (ESD) and how to combat its damaging effects. It describes the need for protecting sensitive hardware and how to set up a workstation. Required tools, equipment, and proper grounding are also covered. Intended for the novice, the video aims to enlighten anyone who aspires to build, repair, or assemble printed circuits.

    HSRS Mechanical Assembly Procedure
    The controller unit is the digital brain of the HSRS system. The device is comprised of printed circuit control board, nylon supports, enclosure, lid, and screws. This video describes assembly details, power-up procedure, initialization, and test.

    Note: Video contains proprietary information and requires access approval. (A signed non-disclosure agreement may be required.) Contact the Kadtronix administrator for authorization.

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