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Gate Controller with Enclosure
plus prox. card reader & keypad

For hotels, gated communities,
 industrial sites,
and more!

Kadtronix Gate Access Controller

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  • Description

  • The Gate Access Controller with Enclosure (KD-GACE) provides reliable access control for a wide array of applications. Consisting of proximity card-reader with integrated keypad, internal controller, weatherproof metal enclosure, and key-lock, the KD-GACE is ideal for gate control.  (Proximity reader may be optionally substituted with one of several available models.)  Available communications interfaces include Ethernet LAN and RS-485.

    The weatherproof enclosure is well-suited for outdoor applications.  Includes internal controller with field-wiring terminal board for easy wiring. Suitable applications include:

  • Hotels
  • Gated communities
  • Industrial sites
  • Equpment control
  • Pumping station controller

  • Control Electronics

  • The control electronics are housed insided the protective enclosure and consists of MCAS-1810 single-board computer with onboard database for up to 1000 users.  Also features battery-backed static-RAM (SRAM).  Host computer interface can be Ethernet (TCP/IP) LAN or RS-485.  Multiple controllers can be networked to a single host PC.

    Field-wiring terminal board (FWTB) provides easy wiring using simple screw-terminal connections.  Connections are provided for card-reader, host computer interface, relay contacts, and DC power.  Built-in relay can be used to control a gate opener, door lock, or other external device.  (Max. relay switching current 0.5A.)

  • Card-readers

  • The KD-GACE controller may be used with magnetic stripe, proximity, and barcode readers.  Readers with integrated keypad are also available.  Compatible card-reader interfaces include clock/data, Wiegand, and RS-232.  
    Magstripe card-reader
    Proximity card-reader
    Proximity card-readers, integrated keypad (center)

  • Host Software

  • MCAS Host Control Software

    MCAS Host Control Software gives you full control of your access system for one convenient location.  Quickly add or remove a user, or enable access.  (Requires Windows 2000 or higher.)  One of the beauties of MCAS is its expandability.  If you need to expand access coverage, simply add controller/reader units.  Click here for details.

  • PC Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Pentium CPU
  • 5 MB RAM
  • 1 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • VGA Monitor
  • Ethernet port (if applicable)
  • RS-485 port (if applicable)

  • What's your application?  Kadtronix can provide the right mix of hardware and software to suit you.  Contact us today or request a free quote.

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