Mobile Robot Cam
by K. Delahoussaye




Robot Name: 
Date created: 
R/C control, wireless camera plus video transmitter and receiver.
RCIC-2, MC7  (Diverse Electronic Services)
Radio Control RF
Windshield Wiper
12 Volt Gel Cell
Drive Type: 
Wheeled Differential with Idler
Built by: 
K.  Delahoussaye
Contact Info:

This robot camera provides wireless remote audio and video for a wide range of applications including  inspection, surveillance, and research.  Made of durable platic with attractive semi-gloss finish,  the robot platform consists of dual two-speed drive motors, 2 large 8" drive wheels, and 2 smaller 6" rear idler wheels.    Includes wireless video camera/transmitter, video receiver, 2-channel control transmitter with 2 joysticks. 

Includes mobile robot with camera , control transmitter (fwd/rev & left/right), video receiver, and AC charge adapter (also used to power the video receiver).  Eight AA batteries are required for control transmitter.

The  underside view shows the positioning of the wheels.  The rear idlers freely swivel, allowing the robot to do tight 360 degree turns.  The wireless camera module is mounted between the wheel units.

Exposed enclosure reveals the battery.  The robot is powered by rechargeable 12V, 7AH gel cell. 

Exposed enclosure reveals drive electronics and R/C receiver.  The  drive electronics include a pair of MC7 motor controllers and RCIC-2 receiver interface (available at Diverse Electronic Services). 

Video receiver allows viewing on any standard television.  Connnect receiver directly to TV or VCR. 


Robot Specifications:
  • Measures 15"L x 19"W x 10"H
  • Weighs 30 lbs.
  • Dual 12V drive motors
  • Large 8" drive wheels
  • 12V, 7AH battery
  • Max travel speed: 90 ft/min
  • Max run time between charges:  1 hour
  • On/Off switch

Control Specifications:
  • FM modulation, 2 channels
  • Same type used in R/C airplanes
  • Two independent control sticks forward/reverse and left/right turning
  • Range 100 feet or more
  • Transmitter requires 8 AA batteries (not included)

Audio/Video Specifications:
  • Range 100 feet
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Camera unit with built-in transmitter & microphone
  • Directional antenna
  • Connects to television or VCR
  • Receiver hookup cables included