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    USB Digital I/O Commander
    for LAN, v5.1
    Multi-user Digital I/O Monitor
    and Control PC Application

    for Local Area Networks
    USBmicro U401

    *** Now Available ***
    Tutorial Instruction
    (featuring USB Security System)


    Like the traditional single-user USB Digital I/O Commander ("Digio"), Digio for LAN, allows you to set and read digital I/O.  And, like the traditional standalone version,  you can specify an event to occur when a specific input or set of inputs changes state. 

    But unlike the single-user versions, Digio for LAN includes remote monitoring for multi-user capability.  Now   users at remote computers can monitor device, data acquisition, and/or equipment operation occurring at a common host computer.   Even receive text messages when trigger events occur at the host.  Compatible with wireless networks for even greater flexibility.


    Digio for LAN has all the standard features of the traditional singe-user Digio interface plus these additonal features: 

    • Supports multi-user remote monitoring
    • Remote text messages when host notification events occur.
    • Blinking message alert indicator
    • Allows simultaneous remote access
    • Supports peer-to-peer network communication
    • Works over standard LAN networks and wireless networks
    • Up to 10 simultaneous, remote users
    • Monitor multiple USB interface devices at a single host computer
    • Compatible with USBmicro U401 and U421 USB interfaces
    • For more features, view the traditional,  single-user Digio interface

    View screenshots

    You can see  the Digio for LAN user manual here. 

    Digio for LAN User Manual


      USB interface device

    USBmicro U4x1
    UsbMicro U401
  • 16 configurable I/O signals
  • 1 Mbps peak speed
  • Includes SPI interface
  • Available in two form-factors: U401: 3.5" x 1.0" and U421: 1.5" x 0.75"
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