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    USB Plug-n-Play Motion Detector
    for kiosks, security, and more!


    Reg. price: $199
    Sale Price: $149


    The USB Motion Detection System (UMDS) includes PIR detector plus companion software. The heart of the system is the USB Kiosk Manager software. Using this software, you can tailor the system for your specific application. Configure "trigger" responses to occur when motion is detected. In response to detected movement, you can set a digital output, play a sound file, send an e-mail message, and more.  The UMDS is ideal for security systems, industrial contro, robotics, multimedia kiosks, and more.


    • Includes USB motion detector and Windows software
    • Configurable for your specific application
    • Plug-n-play for easy installation
    • No complicated wiring
    • Includes 6-foot USB cable
    • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, etc.
    • Expandable and customizable



    • Access entry
    • Kiosks
    • Industrial control
    • Security systems
    • Multimedia presentations
    • Research
    • Education
    • Robotics

    Windows Software
    An essential part of the USB motion detection system is the USB Kiosk Manager (UKM) software which allows you to interface the motion detector and define action(s) to perform based on selected "trigger" events. For more information about the UKM application, click here. The screen-capture below shows how to configure individual  input/output signals for a motion detector plus optional flood light. 

    Click here to learn more about USB Kiosk Manager software.


    USB Motion Detector System
    reg. $199.00
    sale $149.00
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